Pre-program Questionnaire

Pre-program Questionnaire
AFS Student number

Using a scale of 1 (lowest / least) to 6 (highest / most), please select the appropriate score as answer to each statement / question.

1. I proactively take time to understand other cultures and world issues.(Required)
2. I find ways to connect with people having a different culture and background from them.(Required)
3. I will take on culturally challenging situations for the reason of personal growth.(Required)
4. I am willing to accept each other’s unique differences, while enjoy similarities.(Required)
5. I am curious and sensitive when approaching a different culture.(Required)
6. I believe a deeper understanding of different cultures helps your personal growth.(Required)
7. I have more interests in world affairs and issues commonly faced by all mankind.(Required)
8. I am aware of my ability to influence the world.(Required)
9. I am willing to contribute time and energy to build a better world for all humans and living things on earth.(Required)
10. I know the basic definition of culture and apply simple measurements to describe one’s culture.(Required)
11. I can apply some culture-specific knowledge to improve cultural awareness.(Required)
12. I can identify some non-verbal communication styles to gain understand of someone’s culture.(Required)