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THINK BIG Competition (II)

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Creation and implementation of a Sustainability Project to Achieve SDG* Goals in Hong Kong

With the innovate social impact idea students have created in the AFS Global You™
Changemaker Program, they are invited to participate in a Competition (II) where they can
showcase their project ideas and prototype.

The Sustainability Project aims to balance environmental, social, and economic concerns in
order to achieve a healthy and prosperous society that can continue into the future.
The format will be in a written proposal of 1,000-1,500 words including the financial planning
and analysis such as the resources needed for the project, the best use of existing resources,
and create partnerships.

Twenty (20) finalists will be selected to make presentation in the vetting interview. Students
can participate on individual base or in a group of two.

Through the competition process students demonstrate their knowledge in SDG*, equip
themselves with improved personal skills in creative and critical thinking, and enhance their
confidence in planning and making decisions.

31 October 2023 – Completed the Global You Changemaker Program
29 December 2023 – Deadline for submitting a proposal on the competition
24 February 2024 – Attend vetting interview (For the 20 finalists)
8 March 2024 (PM) – Attend Winners’ Gathering Party

Details on criteria and marking scheme of the Competition (II) will be announced at a later

The TOP 10 WINNERS of Competition (II) will become the AFS RC Lee Junior Scholars to go on to
AFS Youth Assembly in New York City 2024.

*Sustainability Development Goal