Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Project is for all secondary school students aged 14-17.

The goals of the Project are:

i. To build on the assets of young people through intercultural knowledge/participation, experiences & positive connections

ii. To develop young people’s sense of self-worth & identity

iii. To empower them to make decisions and plan for their future

iv. To empower them to become global citizens

Youth Empowerment with THINK BIG competitions and scholarships for the winners.

All students aged 14-17 can register in the Project through the website , there is no entry requirements.

The school can help promoting the Project to students and guide the students in the competitions forward.

The target groups are students aged 14-17, they can be from F.3 to F.5, with exceptional entries considered on case by case.

Students can register on the website directly and do not need to be nominated by schools. 

We will invite AFS volunteers and external panelists to assess the participants proposals and conduct interviews on shortlisted participants in a fair and transparent manner. All schools will have fair winning chances.

Competition (I): As a youth ambassador, how would you promote Hong Kong Chinese culture overseas?
After introducing to foreign cultures, students need to learn deeply about their own culture through research. The Competition will focus on identifying Youth Ambassadors who can best export the Hong Kong culture to different parts of the world: education and learning culture / living and transportation / food and wine / performing art and martial art / tradition and rituals / intangible culture. Students will demonstrate their knowledge in Hong Kong culture, their skill sets in research, knowledge management, creativity, presentation skills, and their confidence in promoting the culture of Hong Kong to different audiences.
Competition (II): Creation and implementation of a sustainable development project in Hong Kong
With the innovate social impact idea they have created in the AFS Global You™ Changemaker Program, students are invited to participate in a Competition where they can prototype their ideas. The Competition (II) will focus on three global goals that
AFS support: quality education; peace, justice and strong institutions; climate actions. The Competition (II) will be for students to showcase their project idea and prototype. Through the competition process students demonstrate their knowledge in sustainable development goals (SDG), equip themselves with improved personal skills in creative and critical thinking, and enhance their confidence in planning and making decisions.


There are 2 competitions in the Project. We request the Competition (I) to be participated on individual base; while Competition (II) may be participated on individual base or in a group of 2 students. For each competition, students are required to submit a written proposal of 600-800 words and 30 finalists will be selected for panel interview. Criteria and marking scheme will be provided at a later stage.

Students can choose to submit proposals and make presentations during interview in English.

Participants have to be able to express themselves and make presentation in a clear and concise manner.

We plan to complete Competition (I) in April 2023.

Yes, Competition (II) can be in teams, recommend to be a team of 2 participants.

All 20 winning scholars can join the Mentoring Program in the final year.

Yes, teachers can register in the AFS Youth Assembly with the winning students at their own expenses.

Yes, both two team members can go to the AFS Youth Assembly.

Please refer to the project timeline on the website and participating students are strongly encouraged to follow the instructions of each program stage.

The departure dates of the year exchange program is around August/September 2024, while the Youth Assembly in New York city is around August 2024 and will be for about a week.