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We invite 2,000 students to enter the fair, 500 students who score highest in the assessment tests – multiple choice questions, will be selected to continue to the next program.

The AFS Intercultural Fair is an event to “Expand Access to Intercultural Education” through introductory exposure to many different cultures and languages, videos with host students from overseas / returnees from AFS Exchange Programs / representatives of country consulates sharing their culture and inventions. Students will equip themselves with basic level of intercultural knowledge.

3 Tips on watching video:

  • Do take notes
  • Turn on the “CC” button on bottom right for subtitle
  • Complete video & quiz of each part in one go

Friendly Reminer: Last date to watch the Intercultural Fair videos and complete the quizzes is: 25th November, 2022 (Friday) 5:30pm.

Before you start the fair, please make sure that you completed the pre-program survey by clicking the button below:

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